[License-review] Legacy Approval: APL AROS Public License.

Karl Fogel kfogel at red-bean.com
Fri Jul 27 22:38:50 UTC 2012

[CC'ing license-review with Tim's permission, after he accidentally
dropped the list in followup]

Timothy Deters <tdeters at gmail.com> writes:
>Thanks for the answer.   It's less knowing who owns it but more how to
>contact them.  The project has been around since 1995 always based off
>of the current license.  However that is where the issue is currently.
>I know you can't see the headers that way.  It was done at the request
>of Amiga Technologies back in the 90's when they were owned by

*nod*  Can it be undone now?  After all, you just shared the source with
me -- and I could, in theory, share it with anyone, or post it online.

>this is the current  source

Thanks.  It says copyright "The AROS Development Team" in many places,
but there are other copyright holders named as well.  I'm not sure what
that team is, as a legal entity.  My guess is there's a lot to sort out
here if you ever want to relicense, which I nevertheless hope you do!

IMHO, the case for OSI evaluation of the AROS Public License is not very
compelling.  We'd essentially be doing it because it's difficult for
this particular code base to relicense :-), which isn't a very good
reason to bring a new OSI-approved license into the world.


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