[License-review] Submitting MPL for Approval

Karl Fogel kfogel at red-bean.com
Fri Dec 23 21:43:57 UTC 2011

Luis Villa <luis at tieguy.org> writes:
>For better (towards a more perfect license!) and for worse (yet
>another slight delay ;) we'd like to make one final change in the
>license language. Full text attached; as well as the change inline
>> 1.7. "Larger Work"
>>    means a work that combines Covered Software with code in a separate
>>    file, or files, not governed by the terms of this License.
>This will now read:
>1.7. "Larger Work"
>     means a work that combines Covered Software with other material,
>in a separate file or files, that is not Covered Software.

This looks entirely fine to me -- still an OSD-compliant license.

Anyone see any concerns with this change?


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