Recommend MPL 2.0 (RC 1) for approval.

Karl Fogel kfogel at
Sun Aug 28 15:35:23 UTC 2011

Simon Phipps <webmink at> writes:
>On 28 Aug 2011, at 05:26, Karl Fogel wrote:
>> We would very much appreciate being told if you spot something in the
>> license that is incompatible with the OSD, though.  If you see something
>> like that, please make a noise.  I didn't see anything of that nature,
>> but I am not only human, I am not even a lawyer.
>My reading of the Mozilla mailing list leads me to believe changes of
>detail are highly likely and I therefore go further and ask that Luis
>advise the list of changes with a red-line diff between this version
>and the final release version. I also suggest that we make this
>approval "pending final release" and actually post the release version
>rather than this one to, so we don't have to face the
>problem of two different versions being marked as "approved" in

Thanks, Simon; agreed.

It'd be great if all those changes are done before our board meeting on
September 14, so we can in fact vote on a final version (which we will
have been able to evaluate because it will be a minor diff from RC1).
Not sure what Mozilla's schedule is, though.


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