Recommend MPL 2.0 (RC 1) for approval.

Simon Phipps webmink at
Sun Aug 28 12:36:35 UTC 2011

On 28 Aug 2011, at 05:26, Karl Fogel wrote:

> We would very much appreciate being told if you spot something in the
> license that is incompatible with the OSD, though.  If you see something
> like that, please make a noise.  I didn't see anything of that nature,
> but I am not only human, I am not even a lawyer.

My reading of the Mozilla mailing list leads me to believe changes of detail are highly likely and I therefore go further and ask that Luis advise the list of changes with a red-line diff between this version and the final release version. I also suggest that we make this approval "pending final release" and actually post the release version rather than this one to, so we don't have to face the problem of two different versions being marked as "approved" in future.


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