recent submissions merit no action

Bruce Perens bruce at
Wed Jan 21 04:47:55 UTC 2009


IMO nothing submitted recently merits quick action, or indeed any action.

The most recent submission is harmless because it is only submitted for 
legacy approval, but would encourage its submitters to avoid the IMO 
necessary work of switching to a more common license.
Zooko's license IMO doesn't have sufficient redeeming value to merit 
increasing license proliferation and may well be considered frivolous.
The font license needs to be re-done by an attorney who can apply the 
concept of creation of an aggregate or derivative work to the problem 
sentence, which mentions "use" where it means one of those and does not 
parse correctly.

IMO, OSI should simply state that their decision is that it would be 
least harmful for them to take no action regarding these submissions, 
and table them.



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