For Approval: Transitive Grace Period Public Licence, v1.0

zooko zooko at
Thu Feb 19 23:21:45 UTC 2009

On Feb 17, 2009, at 21:25 PM, Russ Nelson wrote:

> This committee is advisory only.  The board makes the final  
> decision. In this case, I reported the board's decision shortly  
> after it was made a few weeks ago in Brussels.  Consequently, you  
> can set aside any previous discussion by this committee as  
> inadequate because the board has decided it was inadequate.

You earlier reported about the board in two messages:

On 2009-02-05:

You reported that the board was not comfortable with the thoroughness  
of the discussion of the transitive quality of the licence.   
(Eminently reasonable, since before that time most participants in  
the discussion had mistakenly thought that it was equivalent to the  
simple practice of GPL'ing your old version.)

and on 2009-02-17:

You reported that a discussion among the board had occurred which  
raised a particular problem with the way that open-source licences  
are vulnerable to non-compliance.

Thank you for reporting these notes to the list, but I would also  
like to see the actual minutes, so I can tell who was present, where  
the meeting was held, what was said in more detail, and what binding  
motions if any were taken.


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