For Approval: Transitive Grace Period Public Licence, v1.0

John Cowan cowan at
Wed Feb 18 07:34:17 UTC 2009

Russ Nelson scripsit:

>  > If there is any reason to doubt that it is OSD- conformant, please
>  > let me know right away
> There are reasons beyond OSD conformance why we might not want to
> approve the license.  

More than that, the OSI never AFAIK takes official action to declare a
license not OSD-compliant.  Acceptance implies OSD-compliance, in the
judgment of the board (backstopped, if necessary, by the judgment of
a judge).  But rejection implies nothing.

> *Somebody* has to decide what OSD conformance means.  It's us.

Not at all.  You decide on OSI certification and that's it.

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