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Bruce Perens bruce at
Tue Sep 2 15:04:10 UTC 2008

Requiring that the modifications be sent to a specific address has been 
proposed in licenses many times. It presents practical problems. If your 
company goes out of business, or the address doesn't work any longer, is 
the person making modifications still in compliance with the license? 
The one license that was accepted with something like this - from Apple, 
close to 10 years ago - later had the feature removed.

The AGPL would be most practical for this. You can build in a command 
that causes the client to send its own source to whatever server it's 
connected to.



Sebastian Kruk wrote:
> If we remove clauses about "immutable code", and only leave clause 
> saying that "by using this software (or any derived version) licensee 
> must agree to contribute gathered information back to the central 
> repository" - would that still be open source - or any clause like 
> that violates with the idea?
> Thank you,
> Best,
> Sebastian Kruk

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