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Sebastian Kruk sebastian.kruk at
Tue Sep 2 06:58:46 UTC 2008

Bruce, Russ, Harlan, Dag,

thank you so much for spending you valuable time on helping me out  
with this case.
For the last 5 years I was actively contributing open source; if I  
only could - under BSD license.
I guess, I still did not understand the idea completely.
I feel like now I have better understanding.

Looks like we will have to either change the license, or the way we  
call it, or our business model.

May I ask one more question?
If we remove clauses about "immutable code", and only leave clause  
saying that "by using this software (or any derived version) licensee  
must agree to contribute gathered information back to the central  
repository" - would that still be open source - or any clause like  
that violates with the idea?

Thank you,


Sebastian Kruk

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