KnowledgeHives Open Source License

Harlan Stenn stenn at
Tue Sep 2 02:53:53 UTC 2008

> Have you considered using the AGPL and simply *asking* people to leave
> the fragments of code in place?  Giving cooperation and then asking
> cooperation in return usually works for most people.

For some definition of 'usually'.

Didn't work for the bitkeeper folks, but that was a bit different and
their license had 2 clauses, opne saying "you will not break/subvert the
callback to" (which was designed to prevent folks from
using the free version on closed-source code), and another saying "any
changes you make and publish must pass the test suite", again because
(IMO, and also base don their stated position), SCM code is
'infrastructure' code and must be reliable and robust in general and
accross different versions.


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