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Russ Nelson nelson at
Tue Sep 2 02:20:47 UTC 2008

Sebastian Kruk writes:
 > The changes introduced to Qt license are suppose to ensure that no one  
 > will modify those fragments of code which ensures that all instances  
 > of our system will contribute gathered information back to the main  
 > instance.

Sorry, that won't work.  If we let you have some immutable code, we
would have to let other people have immutable code.  I'm sure that
you're a nice guy and have no evil intentions, but the next guy who
comes along with immutable code is also going to require that code to
contact his web server and you won't be able to run it without paying
him something.

Have you considered using the AGPL and simply *asking* people to leave
the fragments of code in place?  Giving cooperation and then asking
cooperation in return usually works for most people.

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