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Thu Oct 30 17:31:15 UTC 2008

On Wed, 29 Oct 2008, Rick Moen wrote:

> But, anyway, my understanding is that the charter of this mailing list
> is to evaluate (to assist the OSI Board) licences submitted for possible
> OSI certification.  No such licence has been submitted.  This mailing
> list isn't about recommending licences, nor about the merits of
> third-party ideas for "updating" extant OSI-certified licences such as
> Larry Rosen's.  Maybe Gunay actually meant to post his questions to
> license-discuss at

Rick: Thanks for clarifying the scope of this and the discussion mailing 
lists. I will take this discussion to license-discuss. Sorry but it wasn't 
initially clear from the OSI web page that it was right place to ask such 
a question. The description of the license-discuss says "Discuss and 
answer important questions about Open Source licensing, in order to 
collect community wisdom for the FAQ." And the link to the FAQ is broken 
(as are many other links throughout the web site). My question was a 
precursor to preparing a new license, thus it wasn't about general OSL. 
Probably adding a sentence like "Questions about extensions to existing 
licenses can be directed here." would be appropriate IMHO.

Thanks everybody for the informative discussion. I now have a better idea 
of the disadvantages of my initial proposal. I will write a short followup 
to the license-discuss list.

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