Request for approval: EUPL (European Union Public Licence)

Russ Nelson nelson at
Mon Mar 17 04:51:45 UTC 2008

Matthew Flaschen writes:
 > Not really, because once an error is found it can be used repeatedly by 
 > non-speakers.

I don't understand your concern here.  If a license in one language
complies with the OSD, AND if the license says "distributors may
choose any translation" THEN people may always distribute under the
license that complies with the OSD.  Thus, the license is
approvable (not that the EUPL says that, but I propose that it
should, to eliminate the translation problem.)

What are you worried about?  That somebody might have MORE freedom
than the licensor intends?  How is that your concern?

 > > So, worry about things that might happen on the sly.  Don't worry
 > > about extremely public misbehavior which will be caught on day one.
 > The license says that new binding translations can be issued at any 
 > time, not just Day 1.  Once a new binding version is issued, you have to 
 > use it as soon as you find out.

I thought everyone was agreed that that language is completely
unacceptable for approval by the OSI?

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