REMOVE (entirely) the Artistic License 1.0?

Russ Nelson nelson at
Wed Jul 9 20:06:28 UTC 2008

Tom Callaway suggests that, because of the Artistic License's
involvement (loss) in Jacobsen & Katzer, we should apply all possible
pressure to stop people from using the Artistic License.

He suggests that we entirely remove its approval.  Not merely remove
it from the website, but explicitly say that it is no longer an
approved license.

We have felt in the past that removing the approval of a license is a
very bad idea because it could put us in the situation of having
someone who is using our trademark in conjunction with the now
un-approved license.  That would put the trademark at risk, and it
could also anger the community by causing them to feel that they've
had the rug pulled out from under them.

Perhaps it's time to revisit that decision?  Seems like more harm
could be done by having an approved license which is interpreted by
the courts other than as we understand it.


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