?sthetic Permissive License - For Approval

John Cowan cowan at ccil.org
Sat Dec 29 22:12:35 UTC 2007

Sean B. Palmer scripsit:

> > As to my own licenses, OSL/AFL 3.0, that two-line form of notice
> > is expressly the minimum required.
> But neither are DFSG compatible. I didn't mention that requirement.

<ironic>But how can that be, for the DFSG and the OSD are word for word the same,
and the AFL and OSL meet the OSD?</ironic>

Note that what debian-legal says, whether in their FAQs or elsewhere, does not
define what can and cannot go into Debian; the Debian maintainers do.

> Whilst this is true, it was me who first mentioned the McQuary limit,
> in my initial submission. Ironically it's quite possible that John
> Cowan taught me about the limit years ago.
> (My records however indicate Terje Bless as the most likely candidate.)

He is more likely than me.

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