[License-discuss] Question about AGPLv3 with a Plugin Exception

Joel Kelley jkelley at georgefox.edu
Tue Aug 9 22:46:59 UTC 2022

Dear All,

The university I work for wants to open source one of our internal tools.
We would like to use the AGPLv3 since it is a web application.  However, we
would like to include a plugin exception as there are places where internal
organization specific business logic rules have been separated out into
different plugin files.  As such, we would like to include a plugin
exception to our license.   I've seen a few examples of this being done,
but I haven't found a consensus on what the best approach to do this would

Some  of the examples I've found online are:

   - https://github.com/grafana/grafana/blob/HEAD/LICENSING.md
   - https://docs.shopware.com/en/shopware-5-en/tutorials-and-faq/agpl

Do you have any advice or examples from your own experience?


Joel Kelley
Senior Software Engineer
George Fox University
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