[License-discuss] Ethical open source licensing - Persona non Grata Preamble

Johnny A. Solbu johnny at solbu.net
Wed Feb 26 13:34:55 UTC 2020

On Tuesday 25 February 2020 16:43, Eric S. Raymond wrote:
> Eric Schultz <eric at wwahammy.com>:
> > I would argue that controlling your computing IS a social justice issue.
> While I do not require anyone else to share my opinion on this, my past
> experience is that people who use "social justice issue" in this way
> are enemies of liberty, intent (among other things) on enforcing the
> suppression of disfavored speech and of unequal legal privileges for
> favored identity groups.
> What is certain is that "social justice", even if one views the term
> in a positive light, is *not OSI's job.* Our responsibility is to
> protect a narrow and particular set of liberties, not to fix society.

I am one of those who fully agree with Eric Raymond on this.
Social justice clauses /Does Not/ belong in licenses, in any form.

Adding such clauses makes any software using such a license, proprietary software.
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