[License-discuss] Data portability as an obligation under an open source license

Thorsten Glaser tg at mirbsd.de
Sat Jun 29 17:48:24 UTC 2019

Christine Hall dixit:

> Open source licenses (again, according to my understanding -- folks with
> many years experience at OSI should correct me if I'm wrong) should
> apply only to the software being licensed, and the data collected by or
> stored within a software application is clearly not part of the software
> itself.

Indeed, there’s even an example in the GPL (pertaining compilers
vs. compiler output), IIRC.

>>>     Section 2.3(b) obliges the user of a software to “provide to any
>>>     third party with which you have an enforceable legal agreement, a
>>>     no-charge copy … of the User Data in your possession in which that
>>>     third party has a Lawful Interest ….” The license submitter

If there’s lawful interest already, they have to do that already.

The EU-DSGVO/GDPR also requires this about personal data already,
and from an implementor’s PoV it’s easiest to just give them a
dump of everything stored about them, rather than argue which data
is personal and which isn’t.

>>> It's my opinion that this is out of scope for an Open Source license.


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