[License-discuss] code hosting (was Re: Evolving the License Review process for OSI)

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Tue Jun 11 19:01:11 UTC 2019

Quoting Bruce Perens via License-discuss (license-discuss at lists.opensource.org):

> You're a bit over the top, regarding Ruby on Rails. And if you are bothered
> by the performance or resource use, consider converting the code to Crystal.

Oh, I don't know about over the top.  There's not a single unclustered
GitHub (Ruby on Rails-based, plus a Javascript engine) instance in the
world that can scale to serve the needs of a sizeable customer like,
say, my old firm Cadence Design Systems, the large Electronic Design
Automation-industry company.  Whereas, Gitea (Golang-based) can probably
do that from a Raspberry Pi.[1]

And the brittleness of Ruby on Rails, and consequent existence of an 
entire consultant industry, all with swung-chicken-carcass-at-midnight
recipes, is famous.

As to the Crystal programming language, I hear it does indeed have nice
features including compilation to native code, but suggesting rewriting
Ruby on Rails codebases as from-scratch reimplementations in Crystal
(the latter having syntax similar to Ruby but not being compatible)
is, um, probably a wise idea but not something I intend to devote my
remaining years to.

[1] Untested.  It runs very well from a RPI, anyway.  If not sufficing
to serve Cadence from a RPi, I'll bet at least Synopsys or Mentor
Graphics from a RPi.  ;->

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