[License-discuss] Evolving the License Review process for OSI

Pamela Chestek pamela at chesteklegal.com
Mon Jun 3 22:40:40 UTC 2019

On 6/3/2019 11:31 AM, Smith, McCoy wrote:
>>> If new findings occur with currently-approved licences that are not making it completely unusable, they ought to be kept, perhaps in a “grandfathered, problematic, actively derecommended for new works” category.
> Per the observation above, might there also be room for a "grandfathered, non-OSD compliant, new works using this license are not Open Source" category?
> I'd be interested in volunteering if there ever were a committee to review the current list to identify any listed licenses that do not (or might not) conform to the OSD.
Is there any way to find out if some of these licenses are even still in
use (or ever were)?


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