[License-discuss] Please submit session proposals to FOSDEM Legal & Policy DevRoom and CopyleftConf

Bradley M. Kuhn bkuhn at ebb.org
Tue Nov 13 18:29:16 UTC 2018

There are two events coming up soon that I think many on this list would
make excellent speakers / session facilitators for the events.  While I am
admittedly on the program committee for both events, I cannot promise
acceptance of any proposal, but I certainly would look forward to reviewing
proposals from many of the regular posters on this list.

Both events take place in Brussels, Belgium in early February 2019.

The first is the FOSDEM Legal and Policy DevRoom, which takes place on
Saturday 2 February 2019 and submissions are due by Sunday 23 November 2018
at 23:59 AoE (Anywhere on Earth).  The full CFP is available at:  

Pretty much any topic typically discussed on this list is on-topic for that
DevRoom.  Many of you on this list have spoken before in the FOSDEM DevRoom
and while we'd be glad to see submissions from the Usual Suspects, we'd also
welcome those who may not have spoken on licensing and policy issues before
-- particularly developers and community leaders with expertise in the area.

The second event is the first annual CopyleftConf, which takes place on
Monday 4 February 2019 (the day after FOSDEM).  The CFP closes VERY SOON, on
Wednesday 14 November 2018 at 23:59 AOE.  The full CFP is available at:

This event is a first-of-its-kind conference to discuss the future of

Bradley M. Kuhn

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