[License-discuss] Open source license with obligation to display an attribution?

Chris Lamb chris.lamb at opensource.org
Wed Dec 5 11:02:48 UTC 2018

Hi Lawrence,

> Chris Lamb suggest the adoption of GPLv3 with the following appendage:

I fear you have misinterpreted my weak attempt at humour (ie.
suggesting the GPLv3+) as a serious suggestion. :)  I apologise if
that got lost in translation and I will be more careful in future.
> >   If you are happy with SimonWidgets, please express that by retaining the
> references to SimonCorp. This does not affect your rights under the GPLv3+.

(For the avoidance of doubt, I was merely trying to suggest that Simon
should go with a well-known license that fits his firm's needs and
append some entirely-adjunct text as a purely optional request, making
it explicit that this does not change the terms of that license.)

Best wishes,

Chris Lamb
Open Source Initiative
Email: chris.lamb at opensource.org
Website: www.opensource.org

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