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I think I’ve mentioned this in the past but GOSS needs not be bazaar style open development.  Cathedral development that simply open sources the resulting product still has tremendous value to the community.  

From that perspective CLAs, and dealing with external contributions are a non-issue because there aren’t any and open sourcing is much lower risk.  All contributions are done by USG employees or contractors.  All the project looks at are JIRA issues and determines if any warrant any internal action.



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    This is also important for Open Source in general; large organizations tend to 
    protect themselves from being sued by curtailing activities that they see as 
    unnecessary and risky.  Open Source has not yet proven itself to the upper 
    levels of the Government as being necessary; that means that for some managers 
    it will be viewed as unnecessary.  If there are risks associated with it as 
    well, then there will be a push to end Open Source within the Government. 
    CLAs help reduce risk, which may give Government Open Source the time it needs 
    to prove itself as necessary to upper level managers.

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