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> 	The issue is that
> 	'voluntary' doesn't mean the same thing as 'gratuitous'; I work for the
> 	Government on a voluntary, but not gratuitous basis.
> I certainly hope that nobody in the U.S. works for the Government or anyone 
> else on a non-voluntary basis, "except as a punishment for
> crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted".
> 	If I, as a Government
> 	employee, accept work from a volunteer without a well-defined contract in
> 	place regarding payment, there is a chance that someone could send Congress 
> a
> 	bill for their contributions, and I could be sent to jail for having 
> committed
> 	funds I don't have.
> Though nobody has ever been prosecuted, much less sentenced, under the ADA.
> In any case, anyone can send a bill to Congress for any reason: whether it 
> gets paid is another story.  Francis Hopkinson sent a such a bill
> for designing the American flag, asking to be paid a "Quarter Cask of the 
> Public Wine", but Congress denied it on the grounds that
> Hopkinson was already a paid member of Congress at the time.

I agree, but there have been administrative punishments for violating it. 
Moreover, just because no-one has yet been sent to jail for violating the ADA 
doesn't mean that no-one ever will.

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