[License-discuss] New maintainer, changing license?

Johnny A. Solbu johnny at solbu.net
Sat Jul 29 09:27:57 UTC 2017

On Saturday 29. July 2017 11.16, David Woolley wrote:
> On 29/07/17 09:38, Johnny A. Solbu wrote:
> > I am the new upstream maintainer of the cd ripper Grip
> What do you mean by the maintainer?

The copyright holder stopped working on the project in 2005.
I am continuing the development, but do not have the copyright.

> To the extent that you do not own the copyright in any particular file, 
> you can redistribute that file under the relevant version 3 licence.
> If you have accepted non-trivial changes without copyright being 
> assigned to you, or the right to re-licence, you do not fully own the 
> copyright in the affected files and cannot make an arbitrary change of 
> licence, but can still upgrade to version 3.

My intention is to upgrade to GPL version 3, provided that is allowed.
Sorry if that was unclear.

My understanding is that this is allowed, but I wanted to check with this list that my understanding is correct. :-)

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