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Massimo Zaniboni wrote in another thread:

> - a short version of the license terms


Alex Rousskov responded:

> There is no "short version" of GPL or Apache terms. What folks often put in source code files is a reference to a document that contains the actual license(s). It is up to each project to determine the exact text of that reference, keeping various official recommendations (i.e., the stuff _after_ TERMS AND CONDITIONS) and the number of applicable licenses in mind.


Correct. The actual license(s).


A safe algorithm is to follow these rules for the licensing, attribution and other text you put into a NOTICE file: 


*	Place the current software version's important information up front, including complete license text.


*	Copy earlier attribution and license notices from earlier versions of the software work to the bottom. Delete nothing.


So what if there is no "short version" of the NOTICE file? Hardly anybody but lawyers read it anyway. And it remains a convenient document to stroke the egos of every important contributor to the work at no additional cost to the project or distributor.




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