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Tzeng, Nigel H. Nigel.Tzeng at jhuapl.edu
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Awesome.  You may wish to ask your tech transfer office if any of your
army UARCs care about apache vs ECL v2.  The patent grants are slightly
different and ECL v2 is geared toward the odd needs of research
universities.  I'm guessing not because very few projects actually use ECL
v2.  On the other hand DoD OSS projects are somewhat special cases
themselves and UARCs have to deal with a variety of research grant sources
and are typically smaller pieces of the larger university system.

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>I am working with ARL Legal counsel on the license continuously.  There
>are times when I'm slow in answering messages on this list because I have
>to run down to their office and get their opinions.  I've been working
>with our Tech Transfer folks to make sure they are onboard with the
>proposed policy.  I believe (but I'll double check) that our legal
>counsel is talking up the chain of command as well, so that should be
>taken care of as well.  Thank you for pointing that out!
>Cem Karan
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>> Has this been reviewed by the ARL Office of Chief Counsel?  I know the
>>army has an intellectual property counsel as part of the
>> JAG/USALSA out at Ft. Belvoir.
>> You also have a tech transfer office at ARL that handles Patent License
>>Agreements for ARL under 15 USC 3710a who would probably
>> want to have input on any ARL open source agreement that includes
>>patent grants.
>> There are likely a lot of regulations and policy (DoD and Army) you
>>need to be aware of before attempting to submit an ARL branded open
>> source license.  ARL may or may not be able to do so without permission
>>from RDECOMŠwho may elect to punt the issue up to JALS-IP as
>> the IP issue you are trying to solve does not appear to be trivial and
>>is a USG/DoD/Army wide issue.
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