[License-discuss] Companies that encourage license violations

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John, an open source license is not a nudum pactum. Consideration abounds in FOSS. Paraphrasing Wikipedia (the easy source for all law references):


The Jacobsen v. Katzer case is noteworthy in United States copyright law because Courts clarified the enforceability of licensing agreements on both open-source software and proprietary software. The case established the rule of law that terms and conditions of an Artistic License are "enforceable copyright conditions".





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Pamela Chestek scripsit:


> Without entering into that quagmire [...]  my use of the word "contract"

> was simply inapt. The principle applies in the interpretation of all 

> types legal documents.


Sure.  But if it is not meaningless, what does it mean?  Since the right of an owner to revoke a bare license is inherent, it must be a promise not to exercise that right, and on what meeting of the minds, what consideration is that promise founded?  Looks like a nudum pactum to me.



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