[License-discuss] List moderation and CoC enforcement [was Re: proposal for revising (and making relevant) the code of conduct]

John Cowan cowan at mercury.ccil.org
Sun Jan 6 03:23:51 UTC 2013

Luis Villa scripsit:

> * *Direct contact*: it is always appropriate to email a list member,
> mention that you think their behavior was out of line, and (if
> necessary) point them to this document.
> * *On-list*: discussing conduct on-list, either as part of another
> message or as a standalone thread, is always acceptable. Note, though,
> that approaching the person directly can be better, as it tends to
> make them less defensive, and it respects the time of other list
> members, so you probably want to try direct contact first.
> * *Moderators*: You can reach the moderators (Luis Villa and Karl
> Fogel) through the addresses they use for on-list communication, or
> through [link].

I would like the "direct contact" option placed third and last, where
hopefully most people will not even reach it.

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