[License-discuss] Open Source Eventually License Development

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Ghostscript is now AGPLd, for what its worth...

On Wed, Aug 14, 2013 at 9:51 AM, Lawrence Rosen <lrosen at rosenlaw.com> wrote:

> Fred Trotter wrote:
> > First, I would like for the OSI and FSF people on this list to consider
> > some kind of new status for a license, like "OSI tolerated"
> > or "OSI Not Open Source But It Doesn't Suck" , or
> > "Not Free Software but tolerated for this purpose" or something like.
> Hi Fred,
> I actually like the Ghostscript/Aladdin license, which was essentially
> GPL-after-one-year. I was their attorney at the time and I fully supported
> their business and licensing model. (For what it is worth, so did my
> client's friend, Richard Stallman, who apparently considered this a
> reasonable way then to end up with GPL software.) That said, you should
> note
> that the Ghostscript commercial licensor no longer uses the "time-delayed
> open source" model. You should perhaps talk directly to the folks at
> Artifex
> to understand their experience with it. In any event, you are free to use
> this model if you want to!
> Your suggestion for a special OSI/FSF license category suffers from another
> problem: Several of the licenses on the current OSI list (including some
> licenses recommended by automated license recommendation tools touted
> around
> here) already are "Open Source But They Suck Anyway." OSI and FSF both have
> proven to be sometimes bad judges of license suckiness.  Such categories
> won't help much, given the wide differences of opinions and "business"
> models around here.
> /Larry
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