[License-discuss] Logo for an (O)pen (S)ource (Li)cense (C)ompendium

Karl Fogel kfogel at red-bean.com
Wed Feb 22 17:18:44 UTC 2012

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"Reincke, Karsten" <k.reincke at telekom.de> writes:
>Deutsche Telekom AG (DTAG) is writing an Open Source License
>Compendium, which we intend to be made available to the whole Open
>Source community.
>Large (IT) companies are particularily challenged by the quantity of
>licenses and their various versions. It is becoming quite expensive
>for each company to allocate and train employees as "Open Source
>License Experts" in order to ensure that the company acts according to
>those Open Source licenses touched by their projects. A better
>solution would be to have something like a "compendium" which lists
>all relevant usage scenarios, and offers for the major Open Source
>licenses something like a to-do list that describes what one has to do
>in order to fulfill the license conditions applicable to these usage
>scenarios. As far as we know such a reliable compendium doesn't exist
>at the moment.
>Following the spirit of Open Source Software, DTAG wants to publish
>this compendium under the license 'Creative Commons
>Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Germany'. Moreover, DTAG intends to host
>the sources of this compendium on github: we want to follow the rule
>publish early, publish often', and to develop this compendium together
>with the community.
>As this compendium will serve the Open Source community, and also
>perhaps help the Open Source Initiative achieve its goals of promoting
>open source usage and bridging the gaps between producers and
>consumers of open source software, we would like adopt a logo that
>reflects this. As such, we are considering this image:
>http://www.oslic.org/fileadmin/images/oslic-logo-315x252.png. We would
>like to ask the Open Source Initiative if this would be acceptable to
>the organisation.
>We understand that 'Opensource.org site content is licensed under a
>Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License'. Hence, deriving something
>from the OSI logo can be achieved, and we naturally also want to
>respect the OSI Logo Usage Guidelines (
>http://www.opensource.org/logo-usage-guidelines). Our proposed logo
>shall express that the OSLiC (Open Source License Compendium) shall
>act according to the spirit and intentions of the 'umbrella' Open
>Source Initiative
>We look forward to your feedback, and sincerely hope that the proposed
>logo is acceptable. Please let us know if this is the case.
>Best Regards
>K. Reincke, G. Sharpe, J. Dobson
>Deutsche Telekom AG
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>Fach-Senior Manager T&P/A&S/TM
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