[License-discuss] License which requires watermarking? (Attribution Provision)

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Wed Dec 19 08:39:59 UTC 2012

Quoting John Cowan (cowan at mercury.ccil.org):

> You should add this to the KB; I did check there, but with no success.

OK, I'll see about that.

> > http://linuxgazette.net/159/misc/lg/sugarcrm_and_badgeware_licensing_again.html
> Offline, alas.

It's reachable now.  I'll soon be mirroring it on my own site, just in
case the _Linux Gazette_ Web site disappears -- not that I assert any
special merit to it.  (Back in 2009, I was, FWIW, trying to follow
developments in this area to best ability, with some help from the rest
of the magazine staff.)

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