NASA Open Source Agreement v1.3

Luis Villa luis at
Thu Apr 28 23:38:57 UTC 2011

On Thu, Apr 28, 2011 at 3:45 PM, Jeremy Wright <wrightjmf at> wrote:
> I just found the linked Google doc below, and it contains notes on
> licensing discussions from the 2011 NASA Open Source Summit. There are
> proposed solutions toward the top, and general discussion items toward
> the bottom. Out of the proposed solutions, the discussion seems to
> have leaned more toward replacement than revision. That's my take on
> it anyway. I'm almost wondering if revision might not be a better
> solution though, at least for now, rather than adopting an entirely
> new license like the BSD or LGPL. I'm not sure how much disruption
> switching to a new license would cause for an organization like NASA
> though, so maybe dumping NOSA in favor of something else (at least
> when dealing with an external community) would be fine.

Generally speaking, once lawyers are involved, even a small
modification is a big deal. So I'd generally recommend taking the
plunge all at once. That said, every organization is different in
their approach to these things, so speak to your counsel directly.

Luis (a lawyer, but not your lawyer)

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