Interesting Licensing for CERT BFF

David Dillard david_dillard at
Thu May 27 17:14:40 UTC 2010

CERT has released its Basic Fuzzing Framework (BFF) with an interesting

The license goes through some indemnification (see for the complete terms) and then ends
with "To the extent that the terms of the GNU Public License (GPL),
Version 2, June 1991, do not conflict with the terms of this Agreement,
the GPL shall apply to Licensee's use of this Software. In the event of
a conflict between the specific terms enumerated in this Agreement and
the terms of the GPL, the terms of this Agreement shall control."

To my non-legally trained mind, this would appear to mean that this
source code cannot be used in GPL projects, but GPL source can probably
be used in this project.

It seems like a solution a lawyer came up with to make something "open
source" without worrying how useful the end result would be.

Am I missing something?

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