Including a ZLib third-party source code in a Modified BSD Licensed Project

David Woolley forums at
Mon Aug 30 16:25:52 UTC 2010

Antonio Ragagnin wrote:

> At the moment, in the LICENSE.txt i've adden these lines:
> Copyright (c) 2010, <MY-name>

That's not true.  Somewhere you need a copyright notice for all the 
copyright owners.  Where there are a large number this tends to be done 
by something like:

Copyright © 2010, Your name and others (see  xxxx.txt for full list)

> This software contains and uses the <THIRD-product-name> source code and 
> that's under ZLib License.

If this is a binary distribution, the licence is compatible, you 
probably won't need this unless it is a condition of the other licence. 
  If this is a source distribution, you will normally need to include 
the full licence text and make sure the scope of each licence is clear.

> <THIRD-product-name>  is a <what-THIRD-product-does>  and it encloses 
> all the source files under the folders src/org/<third-sourcecode-path>
> All other rights are reserved.

I don't think you understand "rights".  Rights means the right to copy, 
to publicly perform, etc. It has nothing to do with who is able to grant 
those rights.
> PS. I really don't know where to ask these questions!
> thx!

If there is money riding on it, your personal lawyer.

David Woolley
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