Including a ZLib third-party source code in a Modified BSD Licensed Project

Antonio Ragagnin spocchio at
Mon Aug 30 16:12:32 UTC 2010

I'm incuding a third-party ZLib-licensed  source code in MY opensource
project under BSD Modified  License.

My fear comes when I write "All rights reserved"  in the License.TXT
becouse not ALL code is mine!
how should I specify that there are parts of code not mine, and the rest is
mine and these rights are reserved?

At the moment, in the LICENSE.txt i've adden these lines:

Copyright (c) 2010, <MY-name>
This software contains and uses the <THIRD-product-name> source code and
that's under ZLib License.
<THIRD-product-name>  is a <what-THIRD-product-does>  and it encloses all
the source files under the folders src/org/<third-sourcecode-path>
All other rights are reserved.

could it be OK?

PS. I really don't know where to ask these questions!
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