GPLv3's secretive Additional Terms

opensource.*.nwo at opensource.*.nwo at
Wed Apr 21 23:17:08 UTC 2010

You sent it twice. Well, I've asked them myself and I can tell you their 
auto reply states they don't answer 99% of the questions as a rule. I can 
see where they come from, but still isn't what I expect from a freedom 
obsessed organization.  And a little search would have shown them people 
write controversial things in that section. If they find it mostly 
self-explanatory, that says something about them just as much. Look at 
the discussion here so far. Self explanatory it's not. GPLv3 has been out 
for years now. Do they need 20 years for an official opinion? By then 
there'd be GPLv4 anyway.

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