GPLv3's secretive Additional Terms

opensource.*.nwo at opensource.*.nwo at
Wed Apr 21 09:40:03 UTC 2010

GPLv3's possibly most secretive addition is section 7. Additional Terms. 
The GNU site and the online world in general pretend like it doesn't 
exist. I'm especially baffled by  the statement "when you convey a copy 
of a covered work, you may at your option remove any additional 
permissions from that copy."

GNU should really question their attitute toward this section. The few 
GPLv3 software authors that actually use this section write crazy things 
like "in accordance with section 7, I'm cancelling section 6 with its 
leftover requirement."

Can you do what GNU won't and include this section in your FAQ? My main 
desire is to use the attribution term in web apps (that is, I want to 
keep my name in the footer unless I'm requested otherwise), without 
worrying about the quote from the start.


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