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Tue Jul 1 23:08:03 UTC 2008


On Jul 1, 2008, at 2:18 AM, Dag-Erling Smørgrav wrote:

> I have some questions about a couple of licenses I ran across during a
> license review:
> - The Frontier Artistic License was apparently submitted but not
>   approved (no surprise, its the exact same license with a few words
>   changed).  However, I didn't find anything about it in the archives.
>   Can you rell me whether it was formally rejected, or whether the
>   submission was just ignored, or discussed but not forwarded to the
>   board?

This appears to have been submitted prior to September 2000:

I believe this is prior to license-discuss being the formal "license  
review committee", which means we there is no public record of what  
happened.  If someone was interested, I would recommend re-submitting  

> - Regarding the above, the author's web page about the license
>   (<URL:>) still  
> includes
>   the text "Submitted to for Open Source Initiative
>   certification", which I find a bit disingeniuous, especially if it
>   was formally rejected.  Perhaps a polite letter from the board would
>   be in order.

Based on the available evidence, that seems like a factual statement.

> - The awful, awful SSLeay license: has it ever been submitted for  
> approval?

I don't see any records that it was:

Just one indirect mention:

> - The original SSH license: has it ever been submitted for approval?
>   (I assume not)

I can't even find any Goggle Hits for it, except perhaps this one:

> - The ITU and IJG licenses: have they ever been submitted for  
> approval?

I've never heard of these. If you provide links to the original text,  
we can try to find a match.

But, why all this interest in ancient history?

-- Ernie P.
L-D Moderator

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