DRAFT FAQ: Free vs. Open

Raj Mathur raju at linux-delhi.org
Sat Jan 12 06:25:29 UTC 2008

On Saturday 12 Jan 2008, Russ Nelson wrote:
> Raj Mathur writes:
>  > May help if we think of FOSS in terms of inclusion, rather than in
>  > terms of compromise.
> No.  Nobody is rejecting Free Software.  Free Software is Open
> Source. We carry a large umbrella.  Everyone fits under it, even RMS,
> the FSF, and every Free Software partisan.  If THEY CHOOSE not to be
> included, that is their own pain.  We haven't caused their pain, and
> we don't need to ameliorate it.  We don't need to make nicey-nice,
> not when Open Source has been a huge success.

Maybe I should have written ``the term FOSS...'' does that make it 
clearer?  That sentence was in response to Rick Moen's concern that the 
term FOSS is a compromise.


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