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I am working on an initiative to create a non-profit organization for the
Decision Analysis community. One of the sections on our portal will hold
software contributions. I am thinking that we want to insist on

However, some contributions will be in the form of powerpoint templates, and
the Create Commons Attribution license seems to be simple enough to allow
for commercial and non-commercial usage, while keeping it open. AFAIK, not
all CC licenses are OSI-compliant, and I could not find any CC licenses on
the OSI list that have been approved. Interestingly enough, OSI's homepage
uses a CC license.

I would appreciate guidance on using CC licenses for powerpoint templates.
If you think another OSI-compliant license is better suited, I'd be grateful
for the suggestion. I am interested in any license that has the spirit of
the CPL, allowing organizations to use the licensed product commercially. I
would have loved to use the CPL, but is it a stretch to use the analogy of
source code = powerpoint file, and object code = pdf file, thus requiring
contributors to make sure they submit powerpoint and not pdf of their
presentation templates?

Finally, if I wanted to use the CC licenses for software, wouldn't the CC
Attribution-XX-Share Alike license be OSI-compliant? Has anyone heard of
software under an exclusive CC license?

Thank you so much.


Somik Raha
Doctoral Candidate
Decision and Risk Analysis
Dept. of Management Science & Engg.
Stanford University
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