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Thu Apr 10 19:36:35 UTC 2008

As a disgruntled group of eBay users who got fed up with the continual stream of fakes on eBay, we set up three years ago.  We are a moderated auction site, we do not tolerate fakes and operate a "One strike and out" policy.
Our moderators are there to ensure fakes when spotted are removed as well as the seller.  As you will have probably read in today’s Daily Mail, a reporter went and bought 34 items of eBay and 33 were fakes.  You have to ask yourself what does this actually say about eBay, I will leave you to answer this question for yourself!
In March this year we had in excess of 10,000,000 pages views and a sell through rate of 7.68%.  Coupled with no listing fees, no relisting fees and no fees to sell items internationally, we simply charge 3% at the time the sale goes through. We don’t ask you to put your credit card online we simply send you a bill, at month end, which can be paid in a variety of different ways.
We can replicate your listings from eBay or your website using our bulk uploaded and we can complete the process for you for free.
Customer Service plays a pivotal role in our success so if you are looking for an alternative auction site that is personal, moderated, busy and value for money come and pay us a visit. You will see that you are in good company.
John Rowbotham
Customer Services Director
john at 
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