Darwin server license

Chuck Swiger chuck at codefab.com
Tue Apr 8 16:21:19 UTC 2008

On Apr 8, 2008, at 12:33 AM, Mahesh Govind wrote:
> One more doubt is  , Can I link the a library made from Darwin  
> source code , with my application
> code and release only the darwin source code, Keeping my code  
> proprietary.

This is answered in the APSL:

"(c) If You Externally Deploy Your Modifications, You must make Source  
Code of all Your Externally Deployed Modifications either available to  
those to whom You have Externally Deployed Your Modifications, or  
publicly available. Source Code of Your Externally Deployed  
Modifications must be released under the terms set forth in this  
License, including the license grants set forth in Section 3 below,  
for as long as you Externally Deploy the Covered Code or twelve (12)  
months from the date of initial External Deployment, whichever is  
longer. You should preferably distribute the Source Code of Your  
Externally Deployed Modifications electronically (e.g. download from a  
web site)."

(In other words, nope.)


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