Open source licenses, using licensed source code under new licenses

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Thu Apr 3 07:23:24 UTC 2008

> > Third, will I need a custom license for x, or can it be a standard
> > license, in spite of having to preserve the terms of a, b, and c?
> Yes.

Custom license  is usually necessary. But if a, b and c are fundamentally
incompatible then in some cases, perhaps only God can help. On the other
hand, if license a is compatible or preserve terms of b and c, then you
might be able to use a. One other case is you can find an existing open
source license that is compatible or preserve terms of a, b and c. In both
cases, the license you have is normally the one which has the strongest bias
towards openness.

Ask lawyer will be the best advice.

We can discuss all we like, but when it boils down to it, it is lawyer-talk.

> I realize that, in general, this may fall outside the purview of your
> > site or discussion; however, a license that can incorporate code from
> > more Open Source licenses would be very useful.
> More particulars about the case you have in mind would be even more
> useful.

Some information about license a, b and c would be useful. Since you haven't
distribute the code yet, disclosing them normally does not hurt, but talk to
your lawyer first.

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