Open source licenses, using licensed source code under new licenses

John Cowan cowan at
Thu Apr 3 04:07:09 UTC 2008

Ryan S. Pettigrew scripsit:

> 	I have unwittingly run into a case where I'd like to release code  
> under Open Source license x, but it uses code under Open Source  
> licenses a, b, and c. First, are there any licenses that a, b, c, or  
> x could be which can be used together, unchanged, in this way?  


> Second, do I need a lawyer to determine whether the licenses can be  
> used together, or is it something I can determine on my own?   


> Third, will I need a custom license for x, or can it be a standard
> license, in spite of having to preserve the terms of a, b, and c?


> I realize that, in general, this may fall outside the purview of your
> site or discussion; however, a license that can incorporate code from
> more Open Source licenses would be very useful.

More particulars about the case you have in mind would be even more

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