For Approval: Common Precertification Development and Distribution License

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On Mar 7, 2007, at 10:37 AM, Marc Whipple wrote:
>> We would like to propose a new Open Source license called the  
>> Common Precertification Development and Distribution License  
>> ("CPDDL") for certification. It is based on the Common Development  
>> and Distribution License ("CDDL") of which Sun Microsystems is the  
>> license steward.
[ ... ]
>> In order to provide incentives for such development either by  
>> commercial entities or by the employees of such entities with their  
>> approval and consent, the CPDDL provides that commercial usage  
>> rights for software developed under its terms are limited to active  
>> contributors during the development process and for a limited time  
>> thereafter.

>Thanks for the submission, and I hope we can provide feedback which  
will help you obtain your goals while still using an Open Source  
license, but restricting commercial reuse is a non-starter ...

>I proposed such a license back in 2003:

>...and the OSI board's feedback was that this is not an Open-Source  
license as it stands, but would become OSD-compliant after the  
restriction period had expired.  I believe the same would apply to  
the CPDDL.

[Marc Whipple] 

Thank you for your input. As I pointed out in a prior message, if it
won't work, it won't, and at least we tried. I appreciate the time and
patience of the list members.

Very truly yours,

Marc Whipple

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