Followup on Exhibit B licences

Andrew C. Oliver acoliver at
Tue Mar 6 05:59:07 UTC 2007

Rick Moen wrote:
> My apologies for forgetting that Lawrence Rosen's excellent "Open
> Software License (OSL) v. 1.1 _also_ has language addressing ASP scenarios, 
> and likewise is already OSI-certified
> (
> It grants rights for performance and display (clause 1) of the upstream
> work.  Clause 5 requires licensee to stipulate that any "external use"
> (use or distribution so that the work is accessible to others) by
> licensee qualifies as "distribution" of the software for purposes of the
> licence, tying clause 1c's copyleft obligation to such usage.
Which is great.  We need more "IP theft" in open source, such clauses just
make sure that "IP theft" is bidirectional. :-)

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