Followup on Exhibit B licences

Rick Moen rick at
Tue Mar 6 05:23:30 UTC 2007

Correcting my recent post:

> > The only open source licences that would prevent ASP pilfering is GPL
> > v3 (not released yet), Affero Public License (not OSI certified) and
> > Honest Public License (not OSI certified).
> In addition, Apple's licence also has an ASP clause, and _is_ OSI-certified.

My apologies for forgetting that Lawrence Rosen's excellent "Open
Software License (OSL) v. 1.1 _also_ has language addressing ASP scenarios, 
and likewise is already OSI-certified

It grants rights for performance and display (clause 1) of the upstream
work.  Clause 5 requires licensee to stipulate that any "external use"
(use or distribution so that the work is accessible to others) by
licensee qualifies as "distribution" of the software for purposes of the
licence, tying clause 1c's copyleft obligation to such usage.

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