LGPL 2.1 + GPL 3 = problems?

Jesse Hannah jesse.hannah at gmail.com
Sun Jul 15 08:09:18 UTC 2007

I'm going to go over both licenses again myself, but I'd like to hear  
others' opinions about this; I'm not as well-versed in the LGPL as I  
am the GPL, and I'm not as well-versed in either of them as I should  
be, but I digress.

Would using (linking, including/redistributing unmodified) a library  
that's licensed under the LGPL version 2.1 with a program that's  
licensed under the GPL version 3 cause any weird problems? My initial  
guess is that just linking the libraries, or redistributing the  
source code unmodified---either entirely separate from, or something  
like in its own folder in the same package with the GPL'd code--- 
would be fine, but any copy-and-paste inclusion, modification and  
attribution might raise some eyebrows and/or compatibility issues  
(like I said, I'll be reading the fine print one more time to see if  
I can spot anything).

Sorry if this question's been asked before, and I know that the (L) 
GPL 3 is still being looked over by the OSI. This is probably a  
question that would be asked at some time or another, probably  
repeatedly, since there almost certainly will be programs that will  
be (L)GPL 3-licensed, that will want to link to, redistribute, or use  
code from libraries that will still be LGPL 2.1-licensed. It's best  
this gets brought up early in the life of the GPL 3 so that if there  
are any big compatibility issues, people will know early on.

Anyone's thoughts, analysis, feedback, telling me to GTFO (well,  
okay...maybe not that last bit) are all appreciated. I'm new here, so  
be nice. :)


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