searchable list archives?

Luis Villa luis at
Thu Jul 12 18:27:30 UTC 2007

On 7/12/07, Danese Cooper <danese at> wrote:
> Russ does searches for me sometimes.  Luis, is there something
> specific you're looking for?

Nothing specific; wanted to get a bit of the sense of the progress of
the web attribution discussion over time.

> Also, how can we make this better for you (you may have noticed we've
> recently re-vamped our website, and are still adding services /
> features.

Two things jump out offhand:
* I know mailman isn't a huge usability improvement over ezmlm, but it
is a big enough improvement that I'd strongly suggest using it.
* site searches of should return results from the
mailing lists; that probably means moving them off crynwyr and onto


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